T w e n t y  D o l l a r  W e e k e n d

A fashion & photography project showcasing the true power of the dollar when it comes to fashion and looking good. Every outfit featured in this project was put together for $20 or less. 

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 A woman that wears many hats, a homeschool teacher, mother, business owner and the overall embodiment of vintage clothing. This lover of everything retro and vintage has her very own vintage clothing store called Hello Retro which has pieces beyond your wildest dreams. In her latest outfit, she showcases the 1960s embroidered romper full of attitude and vivid colors, bold red patent leather shoes from the 1970s and completed the timeless ensemble with a telephone cord purse. Being frugal never looked so timeless.



“Every piece of clothing has a story to tell; the idea that it had a life before I acquired it amazes me.” A lover and reverer of handmade items, Alexandra or Alex, has a very regal distinction about her. If Sarah Connor and Katherine Hepburn had a child, Alex would surely fit the bill in both her fashion sense and badassness. Her outfit was pieced together from 100% silk items from the 1980’s era that emits a touch of 1940’s flare.



Simplistic and comfort makes or breaks an outfit for this young minimalist. Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, Maleek knows a thing or two about fashion and streetwear. Seeing clothes as the most intimate objects in our lives, he intertwines a minimalist lifestyle with fashion. Over the last few years, he’s found the importance of balancing fashion with comfort and simplicity. You can see this from his pairing of a custom Fruit of the Loom sweater with the classic Levi’s 560 jeans.

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